"Speak tenderly to them. Let there be kindness in your face, in your eyes, in your smile, in the warmth of your greeting. Always have a cheerful smile. Don't only give your care, but give your heart as well." (Mother Teresa)

For the last four years, Messengers of Love has been able to help and serve many orphans, handicapped, and poor families of Vietnam.

Holiday Gift Giving to the Orphans:

  • Provided Christmas and Tet gifts to more than 1000 orphans at 8 orphanages in South and Central Vietnam.
  • Found sponsors/adoptive parents for 25 orphans and remodeled their orphanage.

Holiday Gift Giving to the Poor and Handicapped:

  • Gave Christmas gifts which included food, soap, blankets and warm clothing for 1200 people of Churu who live in the high mountains.
  • Gave New Year gifts which included rice, noodles, sugar, cooking oil, and other daily essentials to 30 poor and handicapped families of Kontum and Pleiku.
  • Gave Christmas gifts to 850 adults and children who suffered from the floods in Central Vietnam.
  • Gave New Year gifts, “chao ca” (fish soup), soap, blankets, and other essentials to130 ex-lepers (“nguoi cui”) and their children in Kontum.

Educational Assistance to Poor Children:

  • Provide school uniforms for 300 children of Pleiku and Suoi Thong of Da Lat every year.
  • Provided full scholarship for 40 poor students every year.

Remodeling and Improving Schools:

  • Fixed up and remodeled 3 schools in Central Vietnam.
  • Built 3 dining halls for 3 rural schools in Central Vietnam.

Home Building and Shelters for the Poor & Homeless:

  • Built 4 houses for 3 ex-leper families in Central Vietnam and one poor family in South Vietnam.
  • Built a house for blind people of Hue.

Quality of Life Improvement:

  • Provided funding for 2 wells and assistance to have 6 wells dug in the poor villages of Pleiku.
  • Assisted funding for one acre of cashew farm for the ethnic people of Kontum to make a living.

Trips to Vietnam:

Messengers of Love members have made a total of 11 trips to Vietnam to visit the orphans and the poor, and to oversee the building and remodeling of schools and orphanages. Our local Vietnam Messengers of Love group also makes many trips per year to the poor and handicapped in various locations throughout Vietnam to give food, gifts and medicine.

Local Community Service:

Besides helping the orphans, the poor and the handicapped of Vietnam, we regularly serve the local community in Houston, Texas by visiting nursing home, feed the homeless, providing Christmas gifts for the homeless and the poor children, and volunteering in charity organizations and projects.

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