"Speak tenderly to them. Let there be kindness in your face, in your eyes, in your smile, in the warmth of your greeting. Always have a cheerful smile. Don't only give your care, but give your heart as well." (Mother Teresa)

01.10.2020: Letter From the President - COVID-19

01.10.2020: Home for the Poor for 2020 - Lunar New Year

12.30.2019: Letter from MOL's President

12.19.2019: MOL's President to present at UNAVSA's Human Right's webinar on child right in Vietnam

05.24.2019: MOL May 2019 Medical Mission’s two events occurring in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam

08.05.2018: Summer School 2018 - MOL volunteers taugh English to orphaned and poor children

11.30.2016: Messengers of Love approved for 6th year straight - Combined Federal Campaign

11.09.2016: Disaster relief - MOL's members travel to VN this Christmas to give Holiday Care Package to flood victims

11.15.2014: Progress and accomplishment reports and letters:

10.08.2014: Christmas Gala Invitation Sponsorship 2014

10.08.2013: Christmas Gala Invitation Sponsorship 2013

10.08.2013: MoL - Programs and Services Goals 2014

05.12.2013: Messengers of Love Spring Raffle 2013 - Drawing date is on 05/31/2013

04.2.2013: Audited Financial Report 2012

04.2.2013: Audited Financial Report 2011

02.14.2013: Messengers of Love and Valentine Dinner 2013 Flyer

02.10.2013: Messengers of Love and Tet 2013 with Nguyen Dat

01.18.2013: Officers and Board Members

12.18.2012: 2011-2012 Financial Report

12.01.2012: The Journey of Love and Testimonies Videos

12.01.2012: Dạ Tiệc Giáng Sinh Gây Quỹ

05.29.2012: Kinh nghiệm sau chuyến đi Việt Nam

05.28.2012: Hội Từ Thiện "Sứ Giả Tình Yêu" và Ngày Lễ Mẹ tại Houston

05.06.2012: MOL invites you to a special Mother's Day event at Kim Son Bellaire

05.05.2012: MOL launches partnership with GoodShop to earn donations for online shopping

09.05.2011: Messengers of Love's president paid tribute to MoL's member by riding a 60 miles bike ride for fight against cancer

07.21.2011: MOL receives approval for inclusion in the 2011 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) charity list

01.18.2011: MOL 4th Annual Christmas Fundraising Dinner

12.18.2010: MOL 2011 Budget Estimate

12.18.2010: MOL 2009-2010 Fiscal Financial Report

12.18.2010: MOL 2009-2010 Activities Report

11.07.2010: MOL 2010 Christmas and Benefit Banquet Flyer

11.07.2010: MOL 2010 Holiday Benefit Dinner and Sponsorship Package

10.11.2010: MOL Fall Benefit Drive for Medical Mission for Burned Victims

01.27.2010: MOL 2010 Cherry Blossom Benefit Dinner Sponsorship Package

01.27.2010: MOL 2010 Cherry Blossom Benefit Dinner event flyer (Falls Church, VA)

10.30.2009: MOL 2008-2009 Year End Newsletter and 2009 Financial Report is now available.

10.28.2009: Thank you to those who contributed to MOL's flood relief efforts.

10.22.2009: Come join us at the 2009 MOL Holiday Benefit Dinner on December 5, 2009.

10.09.2009: Call for Help - bao lut mien trung.

12.21.2008: MOL 2007-2008 Financial Report is now available.

04.15.2008: "Nhung Manh Doi Bat Hanh" by Theresa Tran - Published in "Ngay Nay" & "Viet Bao" newspapers and "Van Nghe Tien Phong" & "Tu Do" magazines.


07.03.2008: NASA Engineer Theresa Tran makes needy children her mission (reported by Saigon Tex News).


10.02.2008: MOL brings Danh Vo, a 7 years old boy, to the US for burn treatment.

09.26.2007: MOL Received 501c(3) Status

Messengers of Love received approval from the IRS to be a tax exempt organization under the 501c(3) provision. All donations to MOL are now tax deductible. 

10.13.2007: MOL Yard Sale Fundraiser

MOL raised a total of $2300 from our yard sale fundraising activity.  Many good, high quality items were donated by a friend who is moving away and also many other goodies donated by many.  We had two mini garage sales and had sold many items prior to the official yard sale date. Thanks very much to those who donated items, to those who passed the words and introduce friends to donate items, and to those who came out to help set up, sell and support: chi Nancy, chi Duy Loan, Elena, chi Kieu Nga, Van, Trixie, chi Tuyen, chi Kim, Rodger, anh Thien, anh Nam, Khanh Van, anh Toan, be Joanne, be Hoai, etc. 

Special thanks to Dr. Nam Hoang for not only taking the time to help us set up, clean up but on top of that, donated $$$ and Rodger for letting us store the stuffs in his garage and did the two mini-pre-sale from there.

10.18.2007: New Corporate Sponsors Added

Nutrition Depot, Alpha Realty, and Joseph Nursery were added to the list of MOL corporate sponsors.

12.08.2007: MOL Holiday Benefit Dinner

Messengers of Love is organizing a Holiday Benefit dinner, show and dance (6:30 PM-1:00 AM) on December 8, 2007 at Canvas Bistro on Beechnut (at the corner of Beechnut and Wilcrest) to celebrate Christmas and to benefit the orphans and poor children of Vietnam.  

Special feature:  DVThang, the lead singer for the DVT Brothers band in Vietnam during the 60’s and 70’s, will be performing many of the “oldie goodies” such as CCR, Santana, the Dawns, etc.  He started singing, playing guitar and touring VN with his band at the age of 11 and was featured in many newspapers, who called him the “child prodigy”.  DVT Brothers used to perform at various American clubs in VN and at the Taberd music festival organized by the famous Truong Ky and Nam Loc.  

The show will also feature other local MCs, singers and bands: Ban Quan Ho Bac Ninh, Be Hoai (orphan), Ly Bang, Nguyen Ngoc Bao, Tieu Muoi, Huy Thang, Le Ngoc, Nguyen Trong Hiep, Kim Loan, Da Lan, Kim Bang, Le Khoi, Lily, Kim Khanh, Milton Hung, Hoang Anh, Kim Phuong.

Buffet dinner & wine & drinks are complimentary of Messengers of Love.

Because of the limited number of seats and invitations (150 max), please make reservation early if you would like to attend.   Please email lybang@messengersoflove.com or call 832-647-7233 to make reservations.


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